Our Founders



Meet our CEO

mr. Sumit Kumar

Mr. Sumit Kumar is the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He holds a master degree in Computer Applications and comes with deep knowledge of software development solutions that includes Enterprise and SaaS Applications, Website Design and Development, Product Engineering, Content Management System, Customer Relationship Management, Travel Portal and E-commerce solutions. He started the organization back in 2016 and has been amusing the industry since then.

His unmatched strengths are understanding clients’ needs and improving business ROI as a whole. For 5 years as a CEO, his performance has been exceptional. His management style is extremely accessible and he is a very hands-on administrator. He is fearless in his business approach and his instincts are impeccable. Mr. Kumar has turned the little company into an industry powerhouse over the years and he managed to do it while still making friends in the industry.

Message from our CEO

Welcome to Brain Star Technologies!

"As you navigate our website, I hope you learn more about the qualities that make our company an outstanding provider of essential digital solution services and a wonderful place to build a career. "
Sumit Kumar



Meet our CFO

mr. Mohit Kumar

Mr. Mohit Kumar is the Chief Financial Officer of the company. He holds an LLB degree and comes with deep knowledge of tracking cash flow and financial planning as well as analyzing the company’s financial strengths and weaknesses and proposing corrective actions. He is also responsible for the planning, implementation, managing, and running of all the finance activities of a company, including business planning, budgeting, forecasting, and negotiations.

Also, he does internal and external financial reporting, stewardship of a company’s assets, and ownership of cash management. He started the organization back in 2016 with Mr. Sumit Kumar and has been an asset to the organization since then. He is a motivated person with a high degree of professionalism, confidentiality, and integrity. He’s worked really hard over the years and progressed steadily, revealing his passion and enthusiasm for his position at the organization. These 5 years as a CFO, his performance has been commendable. Mr. Kumar is an effective, independent professional who is always the first to volunteer to take an additional task, and often puts in work hours equivalent to full-time staff.

Message from our CFO

Welcome to Brain Star Technologies!

"People have believed that the CFO's responsibility was to advise you whenever you didn't have enough budget or to solely report economic performance after the fact. CFOs must now think of themselves as more of a strategic position in the organization, instead of a number cruncher. I today am proactive, comprehending industry standards, and know how to maximize the company's potential. It the essential for someone to reduce the deficit, analyze the figures, and do crucial routine tasks that will always exist, but today’s modern CFO position is substantially more dynamic. Looking forward to make Brainstar Technologies one of the finest financially stable organizations around the globe. "
Mohit Kumar



Meet our Partner

Kelley Phelan

I went to Fashion Careers College in San Diego, CA. Honor student with perfect attendance.

Why Choose Us:

We have earned the trust and respect of digitally involved customers for one simple reason—we have great people. They are experts in their fields. They bring a strong service ethos to everything they do. They take pride and ownership in the jobs they do. We bring passion, pride, and experience together.

At Brainstar, we have earned a reputation for helping our clients to transform the way in which the world access digital services. From modernizing the digital and web development space and helping clients strengthen their online presence to providing lead generation, better sales, and technological support, Brainstar has earned a reputation for delivering the projects that truly make a difference.

We have only one objective: to ensure our client’s mission objectives are achieved with the highest level of capability and assurance, and at the lowest possible cost. Our methodology ensures that vital projects and tasks are stood up on time and on schedule. Brainstar’s clients come to us with confidence that we have the expertise to take service delivery to the next level of performance. Brainstar is always with its customers in their lives as a trustworthy partner that provides a variety of application, web development, and digital marketing services. We at Brainstar Technologies try our best to make the lives of our customers more comfortable and prosperous.

We have worked in many of the most demanding and secure environments in the world, and our global reach means that we can support our clients wherever their needs require. Here at Brainstar, we are able to draw upon the accumulated knowledge of an organization that has set new standards of excellence in sectors including digital marketing, web development, Application development, UI/UX design, and much more. We apply the very best international insights to keep our clients at the leading edge.


Brainstar’s corporate culture is defined by a simple set of corporate values that define how we operate every single day – Trust, Care, Innovation, and Pride. They reflect how we interact with our clients, our colleagues, and our communities. We hold each other accountable for creating a company we can all be proud to work at. The values we share are embodied in what goes on at Brainstar from day to day. Team members must exhibit ethical and honest behavior, and Brainstar must offer fair, equal conduct in a safe, healthy workplace. We believe that in such an environment, sound decision-making and effective strategies flow naturally from the give-and-take of daily business engagements among all team members.

I hope this provides you with a few reasons to get to know Brainstar technologies better. Whether you are a potential customer, a small business partner, or a future employee, we look forward to finding out how we can work together to bring service to life.